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  • 2014 BCS Fall Preview Day
  • In West Africa with Ebola and Boko Haram
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  • BCS Presents: Bethany Dillon in Concert

    BCS Presents: Bethany Dillon in Concert

    Bethlehem College & Seminary is pleased to present Bethany Dillon in concert at Bethlehem Baptist Church, North Campus.

  • Cultural Disintegration and Moral Imagination

    Cultural Disintegration and Moral Imagination

    Joe Rigney, Assistant Professor of Theology and Christian Worldview, has recently published an article at Canon and Culture entitled “Cultural Disintegration and the Revival of a Moral Imagination.”

  • “Something historic happened…”

    “Something historic happened…”

    Those were among the first words that Rick Segal shared with me yesterday when his plane landed in Washington, D.C. on his way home from Cameroon, West Africa. Rick and Adrien Segal accompanied their “adopted” son, Dieudonne Tamfu, another Bethlehem couple, and Brett Toney (class of 2012) on a ministry trip to Dieudonne’s homeland. Continue to read

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These three aims for these three contexts are central to the identity and mission of Bethlehem College and Seminary. Our goal is to prepare you to learn about God’s Word and God’s world, to serve Him and your neighbor, and to treasure God in Christ above all things, whether at home, inside the church, or out in the world.

We long to be a part of God’s mission in the world with you. Come and see.


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