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  • Desiring God 2015 Conference for Pastors
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  • Update from the Chairman of the Board

    Update from the Chairman of the Board

    Last Thursday the Bethlehem College & Seminary board met for six hours. Continue to read

  • Not Spam. Just Superfluous.

    Not Spam. Just Superfluous.

    After little more than 60 days into my new role as Vice President of Advancement (i.e., "fundraising") at Bethlehem College & Seminary, I traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee. Continue to read

  • Serious Joy Newsletter: 2014 No. 1

    We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest newsletter—in a greatly expanded format—called Serious Joy. Find out what is happening at Bethlehem College & Seminary.

About Bethlehem College and Seminarybbcblueskysmall

Learn. Serve. Treasure.

Home. Church. World.

These three aims for these three contexts are central to the identity and mission of Bethlehem College and Seminary. Our goal is to prepare you to learn about God’s Word and God’s world, to serve Him and your neighbor, and to treasure God in Christ above all things, whether at home, inside the church, or out in the world.

We long to be a part of God’s mission in the world with you. Come and see.


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