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  • Experience Bethlehem 2015

    Experience Bethlehem 2015

    Join us this fall for a weekend of discovering God's work in the life of our community here at Bethlehem College & Seminary. Class visits, a concert, chapel, a seminar, and more…

  • Be Fully Prepared

    Be Fully Prepared

    As the heat aimed at Christians becomes more intense in the coming months and years, what should we do to prepare ourselves for this new reality? Continue to read...

  • DCP Deadline Extended

    DCP Deadline Extended

    The previous deadline for the Degree Completion Program has been extended to August 1st.

About Bethlehem College and Seminarybbcblueskysmall

Learn. Serve. Treasure.

Home. Church. World.

These three aims for these three contexts are central to the identity and mission of Bethlehem College & Seminary. Our goal is to prepare you to learn about God’s Word and God’s world, to serve Him and your neighbor, and to treasure God in Christ above all things, whether at home, inside the church, or out in the world.

We long to be a part of God’s mission in the world with you. Come and see.


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